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Here they are in no particular order of quality: They said I should bring it in for troubleshooting. I’d add another chassis fan in the front. And how competent are these technicians going to be? The first thing that came to mind was ram, but you checked that out I still think the CPU might the problem. Only in very rare cases can motherboards not run faster RAM at slower speeds.

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ASUS A7N266-VM – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket A – nForce 220-D Series

So do I need more fans???? I don’t think there’s a big benefit to using them, so I wouldn’t worry about it. Mon Nov 18, 3: How did you modify the motherboard to allow you to set the FSB to ? I can get WinME installed but it is very slow and freezes every ?

I tried Mandrake 8.

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Originally posted by Deepak Tamang: Why on earth did Ars recommend this board??? I cut that wire with an Xacto knife and used a conductive pen to short the right and middle spots as if it actually had a jumper.


The “Cable select” thing was just a suggestion I saw aueio the web.

Ugh, here’s your problem, probably. It doesn’t matter they aren’t showing up under the ASUS probe.

A7NVM | ASUS Global

Originally posted by continuum: It is humiliating to take your computer in for repairs when you have been building your own systems for years. PC is just PC that can run overclocked as I understand it. After I took it in, I did some more searching around on the web for some solutions, in case the techs can’t solve the problem, but none of them seem to yell “Do this and it will all click”.

I only have WindowsME and Linux.

Try another brand of RAM. How do your voltages check out in the bios?

Only in very rare cases can motherboards not run faster RAM at slower speeds. And since I’m running the FSB atit’s more like it’s speed or something like that.


And how competent are these technicians going to be? DRAM pins to the left. It should still run. Mon Nov 18, 6: You’ve got choices from on the FSB. Sat Nov 16, Replace dead CPU fried due to bad jumper setting 2.

I see that you have a W PS, but the power could be dodgy anyway. Haven’t had any problems and the temps seem to stay normal.

few questions about my ASUS A7N266-VM….

I have gone through two bad motherboards and need to try a third 9. You won’t see the A7n266vvm or chassis fans in Asus Probe if they’re not connected to a three-pin power adapter on the motherboard. What CPU cooler are you using? Originally posted by Captainpabst: Sun Nov 17, 7: