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You should start a thread in the 2. It could be it is using a new usb ID that isn’t linked to the axe driver yet. Any special drivers needed? That should be supported by the axe 4 driver under both 2. Steve This is what I am getting from logs kernel:

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No, it depends on the real requirement of your AXB target application. The other ones you will need to recompile kernel at least with the modules deselected as far as I ax8872b. No, it could not be done by end users.

The usb ethernet card is clearly working correctly since you’re able to ping it from the client machine.

It could be it is using a new usb ID that isn’t linked to the axe driver yet. If it is responding to pings or any IP traffic then the driver is loading correctly and talking to the card.

Network Adapters – ASIX – ASIX AX88772B USB2.0 to Fast Ethernet Adapter Drivers Download

Hi I am waiting for my new DCE that will be my pfsense machine. If you have a look I got AX working on 2. If it still asue work please follow the above instructions to make sure that it is authentic. We need the device ID as well. Where can I obtain the latest AXB drivers?


Yep, done it many times for msk. Help getting asix axb to work Aeus topic has been deleted. That’s done often with pci NICs em, sk, msk etc.

AXB – Low-Power USB to Fast Ethernet Controller | ASIX

If it’s not that it’s probably a routing problem, check the client is receiving the correct IP info. Then we can check if it’s an ID the driver should know about. From the commnd line run: Odd that it isn’t. But it will take awhile and meentime I have to get rid of this stupid consumer router from my ISP. That should be supported by the axe 4 driver under both 2. I have updated the driver to include a new revision that I found in current git… Though I think you will have to rebuild kernel: Paste the section relevant to the usb nic here.

If you still have problems, please refer to Section 4 of AXB macOS driver installation guide in the driver package to isolate your issue. It should load at boot and replace the in-kernel module.


AX88772B — Low-Power USB 2.0 to 10/100M Fast Ethernet Controller

What is the reference Ethernet transformer of the AXB demo board? Operation not supported by device – The line in question reads [0]: Please visit Mentor Graphics’ web site http: What process did you use.

I want to buy one of those asix axb. I get “module axe already present!

Help getting asix axb to work | Netgate Forum

Anything pertinent in the logs? See our newsletter archive for past announcements.

One possible cause might be: As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. Steve i am able to ping the interface but not access the web configuration if usb to ethernet is used as lan interface. It can only be done by the manufacturer of your Android tablet PC. Hmm, maybe usb device drivers are different then.