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RS are sometimes poor at stocking any of the interesting chips I want to play with! It’s only used for feedback sensing of the motor speed, and can probably be ignored for your application. Fri Mar 16, 7: It can probably do the sequencing, but you’ll need an H-bridge circuit for each of the phases to actually handle the current. Dec 24 , 2: First, you really should get some smaller wire for this kind of work; 24 or 30 AWG wire should be sufficient and will be much easier to work with.

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Solder to the connector itself. I eventually settled on the Allegro Abecause it was available from RS. Since you don’t have position sensors, you’ll need a sensorless one, or an open loop one, and you’ll need to tune spindel.

It’s a 3 phase induction motor, you have to drive each coil in sequence. Can anyone explain this?

Hard drive motors bld run at constant high speed and are good candidates for that. Nov 20, Posts: How do you get an MCU design to market quickly?


Equating complex number interms of the other 5.

I am a landscaper by trade though. My electric source is 12V DC. However, you’re not in luck, because driving that motor isn’t going to be as easy as you hoped. It also provides an open-collector pulse output which can be used to monitor the motor’s speed – for the motors I used here, I found that the pulse output was four times the actual motor rotational frequency. Related spkndle source pull simulation for rectifier 0.

Brushless motor driver for disk drive motors

Mon Mar 12, 1: Or if you want some information overload on the subject, there’s a whole series of EEVBlog videos on inexpensive meters on youtube. RS are sometimes poor at stocking any of the interesting chips I want to play with!

The motors all run pretty well – the hard drive motor is around rpm with a 12V supply, and the ZIP drive motor is around rpm way too high for the original purpose! Spindle motor configuration DiamondMax Fri Mar 16, 1: The time now is Looking forward to see your translation: Dynamic IR drop analysis 7. Fri Mar 16, 4: The last class I took that had anything to do with electricity was an automation course where we built our own automated, continuous loop, cells using Micrologix programmable logic controllers http: Part and Inventory Search.


EE Enthusiasts: hard drive spindle motor question. – Ars Technica OpenForum

I will admit that much of what was said is beyond my grasp but still helpful. This technique is also used in RC model motors, although they usually just have three wires no common. Thu Mar 29, 6: Sun Mar 11, 7: Aug 7, Posts: It did spin a little bit when I bpdc the wires.

The operating phrase is “current-limiting resistor”. This new hobby of mine really doesn’t have much room in my budget but it excites me to motlr about this stuff to the point where I have pushed it more than I should.

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