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Hello and welcome aboard matey Theres more than enough info here to get started: If I can do it, anyone can! I also have opensuse Hey all, Had a nose around the forums for a while now, may have even registered a year or so ago I think, lost the name and email etc I spread the word as often as i can and i’m dumbfound as to why some people just will not give up Windows, why oh why spend all that hard earned money.

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Also let’s not leave out my Son’s three old gold fish in a tank in his room, and my new little gold fish in a tank in my room. Just recently switched over to Ubuntu Create USB Bootable drive. When I used to bring up my own PC issues, “running slow” etc, the obvious question was, “have you switched over to Ubuntu”?

I need help and offer..

Download Crea J10il1 Driver File. The reason i have joined onto the Ubuntu forum is because i have cfea many distros of linux and Ubuntu by far has been my favourite. I’m loving the challenge of learning it, and Ubuntu has made it unbelievably easy to make the transition. I am thinking of erasing XP completely when I upgrade to I’ve decided to go across completely to Linux at home.


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Oh, and thanks to Favux, who helped me get my Wacom working. Because I was looking for nu4-4e stable system to maintain my digital media music, books and personal documents and to support my hardware.

It simply does not work adequately, and is probably due to the large amount of email I have over MB, not including archive PST files as well as the daily number of emails I receive between 1K to 2K emails per day as an IT engineer. I have been running Ubuntu for a while though, but I am just getting to where I am learning things about it. Will ops check tonight on wireless to see if it took, but so far ethernet works well. The only thing I don’t like is that iTunes is not compatible, but that is the fault of Apple, not Ubuntu.

I had the issue with the realtek network card, found a solution here. One click and an ISO later and that vicious cycle started again. So I had a rocky start.

Therefore, recently it put my windows systems under load, and I am not upgrading. Im always looking for different Distros, and plan to actually learn the terminal at some point. I started nu4-114e Kurumin, a late Brazilian distro based on Knoppix, focused on newbie users.

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I was looking long and hard for the intro segment of these forums. P Im glad when I see people liking it, kind of balances out all who don’t. I hope that this could be an alternate operating system for my next rebuild. Most of my free time was just installing and messing around with the OS. Going the fastest I can go through the roughest terrain gives me a thrill like no other. So, let’s get stuck in: Heya, hiya, ho there everyone: They were some grand six years Welcome to the Forums and to Ubuntu Nessie: I’m very glad I made the move.


My latest distro failed to do this so that is why I chose for ubuntu I really enjoy anti-windows pics just look at my avatarso PM me if find a really good one! Leave a Reply Comment Name required Email will not be published required Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The brand didn’t matter, the parts however, do. This forum has made that transition so much easier because I can get good answers to hard problems.