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The Margi card supports hibernation, the VTBook does not. How exactly is it stopping you? While it is still very usable, it is noticable. Sounds like you don’t have that problem. That’s what I’m hoping for.

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The presence of VTBook is not considered when looking for an external display. In my situation I will gladly deal with a little lag for the extra real-estate.

Running Win XP Pro and yes there are settings for displat-to-go on the OS, but for me they are all disabled since it is handled by the Toshiba utility. The steps that needs to be done is to copy neomagic.

If you want to run 3D apps, the VTBook would trash the Margi card but neither could ever compete against a real video adapter.

From a quick look at the spec sheet it looks as though you should be able to drive a external monitor at a resolution up to x So, if you want to use your notebook with the lid closed using external keyboard and mouse of courseyou must connect an external display also to the built-in video connector. I’ve contacted VillageTronic support about this several times, but they never responded.

However, a handful of chips supported by older disolay-to-go of PowerStrip have regrettably been dropped from Version 3. I don’t have any personal experience with USB adapters, assuming they even exist.

I did have to remind XP to make display-to-to large monitor the only active monitor so it wouldn’t share with my laptop screen, but that was all.


Do you have any experience with USB-based video adapters? Or sometimes the primary monitor would disappear, and you could only see it with the remote access software I use.

I think the client won’t be using the laptop display all the time, so making the big monitor the primary is critical. I was a beta tester on that program. I picked up one with MB because it was the same price. But I will try stopping the card from the task bar to see if that helps.

Most notebooks, when closed, sense if an external display is attached through the built-in external video connector.

Promote cracked software, or other illegal content. You actually have to change the input by using the on-screen menu which is similar to most monitor on-screen menus.

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I will report back with my findings as soon as I can get it plugged in. It’s frusterating to come into the office in the morning and the only monitor still glowing brightly is connected to the VTBook card.

The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. It is great to finally get full use of my 23″ monitor instead of looking at the black bars of dead space on the sides. I thought that mqrgi be the problem as well, but by having my laptop screen up at the mafgi time, I am able to cofirm that monitor 3 the LCD panel is set correctly.


Display-yo-go VTBook seems to draw more power, definitely runs hotter, and has a bulky end connector that means you can only run one at a time.

Multimonitor PCMCIA Video Cards for Laptops

But display-tk-go you get that error message, it usually allows you to correct the settings and then restart. Wireless Presenter-to-Go Extension Display: Looking at how it recognizes the card I would be tempted to get another monitor and throw the laptop on the desk for a three monitor shared desktop. I have not unhooked everything and then re-hooked it up to see what settings it retains, but after rebooting, everything stays the same and the card remains the primary monitor.

In a near future it will be greatly expanded with more detailed information about the internals of the Libretto including a disassembled BIOS. I will see if I can dig up the page and post a link. Since you’ve already submitted a review for this product, dsiplay-to-go submission will be added as an update to your displwy-to-go review.

Once I have done all of this I simply get the warning that the dusplay-to-go can’t run at the present resolution and to please set the resolution to X and 60Hz refresh. Get a docking station and put a PCI-based video card in it.